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New Conservation Incentives!

We are moving into a new era of conservation incentives!

Thank you for embracing the value and benefits of Energy Star® labeled appliances over the past several years!

The Minnesota State legislation has mandated we incent our members – residential and commercial members - to save kilowatt-hours. Together as part of the Minnkota Power Cooperative system, we have developed many different conservation incentives on qualifying purchases and installations. Simply fill out the forms below. Some restrictions apply.


Residential Conservation Energy Incentives, CFL Rebate:

Below are the application forms to encourage residential customers to select and install energy efficient equipment for their homes.

Residential Rebate Application
Residential Heating Guide

Purchase a maximum of 12 compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) per year and receive $2.00 per bulb. Some restrictions apply.

CFL Rebate Form

Purchase LED lightbulbs and receive $7.00 per bulb.

LED Rebate Form

Business Conservation Incentives:

Many of the new incentives target our commercial and business members. Choose from lighting, heating and air conditioning incentives plus check out the motors and drives and food service incentives. All incentives give our business members goals towards saving energy!

Business New Construction Lighting Incentive Form
Business Retrofit Lighting Incentive Form
Business Prescriptive HVAC Incentive Form

The Business Custom incentive provides an easy means for commerical and business members to install a wide variety of energy saving technologies and projects that fall outside the bounds of the prescriptive incentives.

Business Custom Incentive Form

Two other new incentives target motors and drives and commercial appliances in the food service industry. Check out the qualifiying energy saving incentives!

Business Motors and Drives Incentive Form
Business Food Service Incentive Form

Attention Trade Allies!

Download the Participation Agreement today! This document between the trade ally and the utilities of Minnkota Power Cooperative, Inc. and Northern Municipal Power Agency (NMPA) allows the applicant to participate in the conservation and energy efficient programs being offered by these entities. Only trade allies who have signed an application may participate in the programs.

Brought to you by participating municipalities and cooperative members of Minnkota Power Cooperative, Inc. and the Northern Municipal Power Agency

Minnesota Office of Energy Security

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