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How Power is Restored

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We have operational procedures in place to organize the restoration process, as well as communication procedures to provide information to radio stations, television and newspapers to keep you informed. You can also find outage updates on our social media pages on Twitter and Facebook.


The following steps briefly explain how power is restored in electric distribution systems:

1. First, we look at public safety. For example, we send our crews to remove power lines from roadways before anything else. High-voltage transmission lines must be repaired first. These lines belong to Minnkota Power Cooperative, BEC's wholesale power supplier, and Minnkota is responsible for transmission repairs.

2. We restore power to the substations next, if necessary. (Beltrami Electric Cooperative maintains 24 substations within 3,000 square miles of service area. A substation is an electrical facility containing equipment for controlling the flow of electricity from supplier to user.) Restoring power at the substation level often restores power to most members. If you see our line trucks pass by your home and you’re out of power, please know our crews are working to restore your power in chronological order. Think of power restoration like the parts of a tree. If the root system is dead, the rest of the tree won’t have life. The same is true for power restoration. If the substation is out, no one has power and this must be repaired first.   

3. Next, major distribution feeders are repaired. These are lines that come out of a substation and are connected to a pole along a cross arm. If these lines are down, individual homes can’t get power.

4. Tap lines are repaired next. These are lines that carry power to groups of homes from distribution feeders. If your neighbor’s lights come on while yours remain out after the tap line is repaired, there is a chance that the line on the opposite side of the road is fed from a different line, however it could mean also there is still damage to your individual line and you should call Beltrami Electric Cooperative at 800-955-6083 to confirm you are still without power.  

5. Finally, individual service lines are repaired.

In the event of after-hours power outages, the outage restoration process would be the same as listed above. Call 800-955-6083. 

Everyone’s goal is zero power outages. But unfortunately, weather sometimes has other plans, so that’s not always possible. We appreciate your patience as we respond to your service interruption.


Stay in the Know

Members can monitor the status of outages by following Beltrami Electric Cooperative on our Facebook page at  An outage map at shows areas experiencing an outage.



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