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Know How to Stay Safe During a Flood

Floods can happen anywhere and become dangerous quickly. In fact, flash floods are the greatest weather-related killer in the United States. Beltrami Electric Cooperative wants you to stay safe by being aware of and avoiding electrical hazards associated with flooding.

        The best way to stay safe from flooding is to be prepared and evacuate if roadways are not flooded. However, evacuation is not always possible, especially during a flash flood. Safe Electricity has the following tips to help you prepare for and stay safe during a flood:

  • Have a sump pump with a back-up battery in case the power goes out and an alarm to alert you of flooding.Flooded Basement

  • Elevate the water heater, electric panel, and furnace if your home is flood-prone.

  • Do not stand in water to turn on or shut down electrical power. Never do projects or tasks involving electricity if you are wet or standing in water.

  • Do not enter a flooded basement. Submerged outlets can energize water, making it dangerous to step in.

  • If instructed to do so, turn off utilities at the main switch before evacuating. Unplug appliances and electronics. Do no re-enter your home until you are certain it is safe. Never turn on natural gas. Only professionals should turn on natural gas.

  • Do not enter flood waters on foot or in boat. Flood waters hold unknown dangers. The water could be energized or could sweep you into electrical equipment. Just six inches of moving water can knock you off your feet.

  • Do not drive in flood waters. It is difficult to tell by sight how deep floodwaters are. It only takes six inches of water for your car to lose control and stall. Your car could be swept out of control and into electrical dangers. Accidents related to driving are the leading killer related to floods.

  • If you see downed power lines or damaged equipment, stay away, warn others to stay away, and notify your utility.

  • Replace appliances and electronics that are water damaged.

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