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Load Management / Off-Peak Heating

Load Management Status


Load Management FAQ


Load management, commonly referred to as "ripple" or "off-peak," is a program developed by Minnkota Power Cooperative, our wholesale power provider, that allows specific loads to be turned off during periods of peak electrical demand. This allows members to reduce the cost of their electric heating by reducing electrical demand expense.

How the program works

Minnkota Power Cooperative sends a signal over the power line, which is received by the ripple control device in the member's home. This controlled load allows more efficient operation of power plants, reduces the need to construct additional power plants and lowers the cost of all kilowatt-hours (kwh) produced. Members voluntarily participate in this program and in return receive a reduction in the electric service rate they pay for all kilowatts used by their off-peak equipment.

Load Management Illustration

Many heating options available

Electric convective heating - electric furnace, plenum heaters, electric baseboard.
Electric hydronic heating - electric boilers, underfloor tubing heat.
Radiant heating - underfloor cable, cove heating, ceiling cable.
Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) systems.

Easy conversion

A home with an existing fossil fuel heating system can be converted to off-peak electric heating very easily. Your co-op's Energy Experts can advise you on the best electric option to meet your specific needs.

Program requirements

  • To qualify for an off-peak meter you must have electric heat with a qualified backup system. This will allow the off-peak electric service to be interrupted during times of peak electrical demand.

  • The minimum amount of electric heat required for Beltrami Electric to install an off-peak meter is 5kw. This is equal to approximately 20 feet of electric baseboard.

  • Members must enter into a Load Management Agreement.

  • Members are responsible for the installation of the off-peak system wiring.

  • Beltrami Electric Cooperative will provide the ripple control receiver but installation must be provided by the member or a qualified electrician.

  • Electric heating equipment must be direct wired. No standard cord and plug heaters or other equipment are allowed on the off-peak service, including but not limited to: kitchen ranges, dishwashers, refrigerators, water pumps, lighting and general power outlets. These items must be wired to the general service and are not affected by the off-peak control.

  • Control times may vary depending on peaking electrical demand and weather conditions and may run for extended periods. Your backup system must be able to meet your heating needs during these times.

Steps to Implementation

  1. Complete a Load Management Agreement (available at the co-op).
  2. Have your electrician install a qualified off-peak heating system, including the ripple control receiver. Beltrami Electric will supply the ripple control receiver and a fuse link free of charge to members installing a qualified off-peak system.
  3. Once your system is installed, including the ripple control receiver, contact Beltrami Electric to schedule a final inspection and install an off-peak meter.
  4. Enjoy your new low-cost, off-peak rate.
  5. Determine which qualifying off-peak system will meet your heating needs. If you need assistance in this area, one of Beltrami Electric's Energy Experts can help.
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