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Member Privacy

Red Flags RuleImage of file folders protected by chain and padlock

As many as nine million Americans have their identities stolen each year. As a result of that startling statistic, the Federal Trade Commission has developed a regulation called the “Red Flags Rule.” The Red Flags Rule requires businesses to develop a program to detect, prevent and minimize the damage that could result from identity theft.

The data privacy of our members is important to us, and as a Beltrami Electric Member, you may be asked to provide additional information and identification when you make inquiries on your account, such as verifying the last four digits of your social security number.

A member may complete an Authorized Contact Agreement form to allow us to give account information to anyone other than the member.  This permits an Authorized Contact to make inquires on the account to which they are authorized.  The Authorized Contact must profice their name, date of birth and the last four digits of their social security number in order to receive account information.  While these practices may seem intrusive, please understand that these procedures are in place to protect your Member data and prevent the occurrence of identity theft.


Authorized Contacts

The data privacy of our members is important.  In an effort to protect it, we have created an Authorized Contact Agreement.  A completed Authorized Contact Agreement form must be on file in order for us to give account information to anyone other than the member (s).  A signed form must be returned to Beltrami Electric by mail, in person by dropping it off at the front desk/drop box or by faxing it to our office at 218-444-3676.  Members may also scan a completed form into a pdf file and email it to our office:  Verbal consent from a member authorizing someone on their account will no longer be accepted.

An Authorized Contact Agreement form must be signed by the member(s) in order to give out information to anyone other than the member(s).  The form must be filled out in its entirety.  Forms with missing or illegible information will be returned to the member to complete.  Authorized contacts will not be allowed on any record that does not have a signed membership form on file.  If the membership is a JOINT membership, the Authorized Contact Agreement must be signed by BOTH members.

An Authorized Contact may make inquiries on the account they are authorized on ONLY.  The authorized contact must provide their name, date of birth and the last four(4) numbers of the SSN over the telephone or in the office - to receive account information.

An authorized contact may not make any service status changes to an account. (Example: request of disconnect, reconnect, or the transfer of service)

The addition of an authorized contact does not grant any ownership or entitlement to the unretired capital credits on the member's account.  An authorized contact is also not financially responsible for the account.

Authorized Contact Agreements will remain in effect until Beltrami Electric is notified by the member(s) that it is cancelled.


Joint Membership

A member may also choose to add a person, such as their spouse, as a JOINT member on their account.  In this case, Beltrami Electric will require a new membership form be signed by both the member and the joint member.  Adding a joint member entitles that person to the same rights and ownership as the primary member.  Be aware that by adding a joint member, they will become financially responsible, be able to make service status changes and will aquire 50% ownership to the unretired capital credits.



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