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Protect Pets from Electrical Dangers

Many families will get a new pet this year. Bringing a pet into your home is an adjustment. If you are considering getting a pet, or already have one, Safe Electricity encourages you to protect your pet from electrical hazards around the home by keeping these tips in mind:Pet Safety-Spring 1

  • Some pets may find a cozy warm spot near electronics to stay warm. This is not safe. Discourage your pets from doing so, and block off electronics if you must.
  • Make sure all electronics are completely plugged in. A visible electric prong may attract the attention of a pet. A small nose or paw could fit in a gap between a plug and outlet.
  • If you have an aquarium, make sure you create a drip loop on every electrical cord that enters the tank.  This will prevent water from running down the cord and into the electrical outlet.  To be sure the cord stays looped, stick a cord clip on the wall just below the outlet and thread the cord into the clip.
  • If your pet shows an interest in cords, do something about it. Tuck cords where a pet cannot reach them, or string them through PVC pipe. Cords could cause an electric shock, or even kill a small pet.
  • All appliances near sinks or bathtubs should be plugged into an outlet equipped with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI). Playful pets can knock radios, curling irons, and other items into the water, creating a dangerous situation. GFCIs stop the flow of electricity instantly if there is a problem, and when properly used, can save lives.
  • Never let a pet sleep on top of an electric blanket.
  • Pay extra attention to pet safety during the holidays. Your pets may confuse lights and decorations for new toys.

If you think your pet may have suffered an electrical shock, approach it with caution to keep from being injured by the same electrical danger and to keep from being bitten. Inspect the animal for injuries, and get your pet to an animal care center as soon as possible.

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