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Start Your New Electric Service

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Welcome to Beltrami Electric Cooperative. In order to make the installation of your new electric service easier, the process for starting a new service is outlined below. You may call our office and any of our member service representatives will be happy to assist you with this process or any questions. Contact info is located at the bottom of this page.

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Complete the Following Steps:

1. Complete the Membership Application in full. If you are a new member, please include payment for fees listed below:

- Membership $50.00

- Deposit (if required) $225 residential, $500 minimum commercial

2. Complete the New Service Application in full, to include the New Service Requirements and the site sketch. (Click here to download and print pdf of site sketch)

3. Complete a Right-of-Way Easement

The easement is created by BEC and must be signed by all affected property owners. In order to complete the easement, please provide a copy of the property Warranty Deed or Reservation/Tribal Land assignment that includes the land owner’s names and a legal description of the property. Right-of-Way Easements give Beltrami Electric permission to install and maintain electrical equipment on your property. (Tax statements will not be accepted) Please see links to the information for your county below:

4. Acquire proof of assigned E911 Address.

You must acquire an E911 address from the county or tribal entity in which you live.  (Documents below require PDF viewer)

Beltrami County

Cass County

Hubbard County

5. Pay line construction charges: (Charges for construction will be determined upon staking consultation)

A New Service Contribution is charged to the member whenever Beltrami Electric Cooperative, Inc. connects a new service to our power system. This amount covers a portion of the costs associated with the construction such as the initial application, the recording fee for the easement, and the staking appointment for the new service to become a permanent meter location.

  • A minimum New Service Contribution in Aid charge of $350 plus the following charges:

    • Single phase primary and secondary - $4.00/foot

    • Three phase service-cost for any three-phase service will be determined upon staking consultation.

  • There will be an additional charge of $2.00 per foot for a second run of secondary if required, except for cases where the second run of secondary is needed for off-peak electric service, then the $2.00 per foot will be waived.

6. Create a right-of-way corridor.

The Right-of-Way corridor will be your driveway. It should have a 10-foot corridor to either side of it and must be in place before scheduling a staking appointment for your new service. See attached Exhibit A. (requires PDF viewer)

After all the above steps are completed, contact Beltrami Electric Cooperative at 218-444-2540 or 800-955-6083 from 8:00 am–4:30 pm to schedule a staking appointment.

7. Call to schedule a staking appointment.

The homeowner or contractor must be available to meet with the staking engineer. Please have in mind where your other utilities are or will be located. (Water, septic system, any other obstacles)

8. Do you have licensed electrical contractor installing the meter loop?

If yes, it is the Licensed Electrical Contractor’s responsibility to submit the Request for Electrical Inspection (REI) form and associated fees on your behalf.

If no, the next steps apply to you:

- Obtain and install a bypass meter loop and PVC pipe (See wiring systems for requirements) An additional charge of $350 plus tax will be required if the meter loop and PVC pipe are not assembled at time of construction, as the service install would need to be rescheduled.

- Complete and submit the Request for Electrical Inspection (REI)Form This form must be submitted to MN Dept of Labor & Industry, along with the inspection fee. The state electrical inspector must provide confirmation that the inspection is complete PRIOR to scheduling the installation of your new service. If you are a "do-it-yourselfer", please see the Electrical Inspection Checklist that outlines general residential electrical requirements. To further assist with your new service, you may want to contact an Area Electrician.

9. Are you installing off-peak electric service?

(If yes, contact member service to signup for off-peak and find out details on our electric heating rebate programs)

10. Will you be installing an electric On-Demand Water Heater larger than 10 kVA?

(If yes, the cost for the service will change! Contact member service for details)

11. Schedule your installation

Upon completion of all the above steps, YOU must contact Beltrami Electric Coop at 218-444-2540 or 800-955-6083 to schedule the installation of your new electric service. The operations department will be able to provide you a tentative time frame of which week your service is scheduled for installation. If this changes, you will be notified. Emergencies, such as outages take priority over construction of services.

Other Requirements- Locate Private Facilities

It is the owner’s responsibility to locate and expose their private facilities before construction takes place. Any water lines buried deeper than 48 inches do not have to be exposed. The cooperative is not responsible for damages to private lines such as cable TV, satellite, private electrical, water, well, sewer, telephone, gas, lift station pump lines, invisible dog fences or sprinkler system lines.

Private facilities are found everywhere, including single-family homes, multi-family housing units, industrial areas, trailer parks, shopping centers and sometimes in the road right-of-way. Other private facilities can include: natural gas farm taps, natural gas or propane gas underground piping to buildings, gas grills and pool heaters, private water systems, data communication lines, underground sprinkler systems, invisible fences and many others.

If you have private facilities that you would like to have located, you may contact Cooperative Development, LLC.



Contact us now!
(218) 444-1143

Cooperative Development provides residential and commercial directional drilling services and private locating services in north central Minnesota. Our experienced crew can help you with all of your directional drilling needs for water and sewer lines, sprinkler systems, underground power lines and more. 

Within the Beltrami Electric service area, you may contact Cooperative Development at (218) 444-1143, and their locators will locate your private facilities for a fee.

We are the same people who install your communications and electrical service and are owned by two local cooperatives, Paul Bunyan Communications and Beltrami Electric.

**All construction cost estimates are valid for 12 months and do not include any membership fee or deposits that may be due.

**If the service cannot be energized at the time of construction, a meter reconnect fee will apply at the current reconnect rate. Any work in addition to energizing that cannot be completed will be considered a new Relocation of Facilities and subject to the current rates.

**Access charges/monthly billing will start upon completion of the installation of your service.


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