Everyone likes roller coaster rides, but not with their electric bills.  Beltrami Electric offers a budget billing program that bills a consistent amount each month throughout the year. Members' monthly statement will show both their current usage and charges as well as their monthly budget amount due. (Budget amounts will vary slightly each month to avoid a true-up month)

Program Details

Requirements to Participate in Budget Billing

1.  Budget Billing is available to all residential customers (excludes irrigation, commercial, and street light accounts.)

2.  The request for participation must be made in writing to Beltrami Electric Cooperative.

3.  Member’s account must be paid in full to be eligible to participate.

4.  Service must be connected year round.

5.  The members must have twelve (12) consecutive months of their own previous usage at the location.

  • The monthly payment will be based on the last twelve (12) months usage. The payment may change slightly each month

  • Members will receive a bill indicating monthly usage, amount charged and the current balance but will be billed for the Budget Billing amount.

  • Beltrami Electric Cooperative’s collection procedures will apply to Budget Billing accounts. Any account determined to be delinquent will not be eligible to continue participation in Budget Billing and collection procedures will be implemented.

  • If any payment should be returned non-sufficient funds, the account will be immediately dropped from Budget Billing.

  • A member will be ineligible or dropped from Budget Billing if they have more than three (3) credit history events that are weighted at one (1) point or above during the previous six (6) months.  (Example would be: Payment after due date = 1 point)

  • The member will be given written notice if the Budget Billing arrangement is terminated by the cooperative. This may be notice on the billing statement.

  • When a member leaves Beltrami Electric’s lines, they will still be responsible for any usage they may have used regardless if it exceeds the amount billed through Budget Billing.

6.  Participation in the Budget Billing Program is voluntary and is offered by Beltrami Electric Cooperative to enable the member to pay an equal amount for electric service each month.

For more information, contact our member services department at 218-444-2540 or (800) 955-6083.

Budget Billing Form

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