We believe in the responsible use of electricity, and we offer many programs to help our members reduce and control their energy usage and save them money.  Contact our Energy Services Department if you have any questions about the programs or services listed below.


MyMeter is a free resource for Beltrami Electric members! Take control of your energy usage, simply sign in or create a free account and start tracking your annual, monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage.

Home Energy Assessment

Beltrami Electric's Energy Experts are here to help you make the most of the energy you use. Over the years, our experts have uncovered inefficient equipment, lifestyle adjustments that add up, and other household changes you can make to save you hundreds of dollars per year.

Energy Saving Tips

Saving energy, and money, is as quick and easy as taking advantage of the resources on this page. A few small changes around your home can have a big impact.

High Bill Concern?

Was your bill higher than usual this month? New appliances and changing behaviors may play a role. We'll help you determine what's contributing to your energy costs. 

Home Energy Adventure

How energy efficient is your home? Find out with this free online tool from Touchstone Energy. Discover ways you can improve your home's energy efficiency and save money.

Load Management Program

Load Management, commonly referred to as "ripple" or "off-peak" is used to manage a consumer's use of electricity )via specific loads) in order to reduce the system's electrical demand at a time of maximum (peak) usage. Load management is energy conservation at work and saves you both energy and money!