Beltrami Electric Cooperative and other electric cooperatives throughout the U.S. are continually working with local, state and U.S. representatives and senators to ensure affordable energy costs for the future. Beltrami Electric does not choose particular political parties, but instead works to educate all legislators on the possible effects particular bills can have on their constituents.


Keeping electric rates affordable and ensuring reliable electricity are big concerns of the membership and are why Beltrami Electric gets involved with the political process. Your cooperative works on behalf of the membership to ensure legislation includes affordability.

Keep up-to-date with our legislative and grassroots efforts on both the state and federal levels. We continue to work hard for our members and issues that affect the cooperative. "Grassroots" has an electric co-op definition, one that reflects its importance in the industry.  "Grassroots" refers to electric cooperative activists - directors, managers, employees and member-owners - who take an active role in the political process to protect their co-op from harmful legislation and regulation, as well as to promote the value of co-op ownership to their legislators.

Legislative Resources

Political action committees (or PACs) are an easy way for cooperative members to become involved in the political process.  PACs allow ordinary citizens to pool their small contributions to make a meaningful donation to legislative candidates who support their point of view.  That is precisely what our federal America's Electric Cooperatives PAC and Minnesota's Rural Electric Political Action Committee (REPAC) do.

PAC and REPAC allow electric co-op directors, managers, employees, and members to more actively participate in the legislative process. They allow us to join together to make our voice strong on electric utility issues. Without regard to party affiliation, our PACs make contributions to legislative candidates who show an interest in electric co-op's legislative positions. America's Electric Cooperatives PAC and REPAC promote the improvement of government by encouraging electric co-ops to take a more active and effective part in government affairs. PAC and REPAC, in conjunction with our national and state grassroots efforts, encourage electric co-ops to know and understand the nature and actions of their government, the critical political issue, and legislative records. 

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Who Represents You?

Do you know who represents you in the Minnesota Legislature or the United States Congress?  Visit the Minnesota Legislature to use their easy map locator.

Do you know what you need to do to vote?

To learn more about the election process in Minnesota, please visit the Minnesota Secretary of State's website.