The Cooperative seeks to provide its members with the best electric service possible, and at the lowest cost consistent with sound economy and good management. For members seeking renewable electricity, Beltrami Electric Cooperative has a number of options available.

First, it is important to note that the standard electrical service Beltrami Electric provides to our members already includes significant renewable energy. Currently the Cooperative's generation portfolio includes a diverse mix. In terms of nameplate capacity, 34 percent wind, 9 percent hydro-electric, 55 percent baseload generation and 3 percent other resources.

Members wishing to subscribe to even more renewable energy can choose to participate in the Northern Solar Community Solar Garden, Infinity Wind Energy Program or by learning more about interconnecting their own system.

More information for each of these programs is available by following the links below.


Northern Solar

Click below to learn more about our community solar program and how you can harness the power of the sun, without installing any equipment at your location.

Member-Owned Renewable Energy Systems

If you are interested in or planning to install your own renewable energy system, start here to understand how your system will interconnect to the electric grid.

Infinity Renewable Energy


Through the Infinity Renewable Energy program, you can decide how much of the electricity you purchase is generated by renewable resources.