Small Change Makes a Big Difference

It's only small change - 1 cent to 99 cents per month - but when you multiply that by the thousands of cooperative members who participate in Operation Round Up, it makes a big difference for our communities.

Operation Round Up LogoOperation Round Up® is just what its name implies.  Each month, your monthly billing statement is rounded up to the next whole dollar amount.  For example, a member's monthly bill of $62.73 would be automatically rounded up to $63.00, with the additional 27 cents going to the Operation Round Up fund. 

Through participation in Operation Round Up®, the average yearly contribution per member is six dollars ($6).  The maximum yearly contribution is $11.88.  Contributions are tax-deductible, and the amount donated is shown on monthly bills.  The money collected is placed in a separate account held by the Beltrami Electric Cooperative Trust.

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If your organization has questions regarding an application, please contact Angela Lyseng at 218-444-3689 or

Donations made since program inception in 2016:


Contributions current through April 2024

Beltrami Electric Cooperative Trust Board:

The Trust Board for Operation Round Up® is separate from the Beltrami Electric Board of Directors. The Trust Board is made up of five members from our communities who serve on the Board on a voluntary basis without any compensation.

  • Barbara Siler, Bemidji
  • Sharon Hadrava, Laporte
  • Kay Mack, Bemidji
  • Miriam Osborn-Dougherty, Blackduck
  • TBD, Red Lake  

The board meets a minimum of twice each year to screen and approve donation requests.

The trust board allocates funds according to general guidelines. Categories include Community Service, Economic Development, Education & Youth and Environment. Grants will be awarded to non-profit or community-based organizations that demonstrate a commitment to enhancing the quality of life in our communities. Contributions will be distributed primarily in the local area served by Beltrami Electric Cooperative.