Saving energy is saving money and can be fun to actively engage your friends and family. Tactics to save energy come in all shapes and sizes, including steps you can take at no cost. Energy efficiency also increases the comfort of your home and makes larger projects worth the investment. You'll find small steps and big ideas to help you save today!

Consumer Guides To Help You Save Energy and Money

Check out these resources designed for members to learn more about saving energy and money! From 101 tips to questions to ask when replacing your HVAC system, these resources can be downloaded for free!

Appliance & Home Electronics Energy Calculator

Have you ever wondered exactly how much energy that old refrigerator sitting in your garage uses every day or how much running a plug-in space heater costs?  Use this easy energy calculator to find out!

Your Family's Energy Guide

With energy savings tips and cost- comparison charts, an appliance shopping guide, common energy terms and more, this guide is sure to be a go-to resource.

Energy Star

The simple choice for energy efficiency.

Energy Saver

From heating & cooling, weatherization, design, lighting and more, visit the Energy Saver website to learn about ways to save energy!

Value of Electricity

Electricity is essential to our everyday lives, and it has become so reliable that we rarely even think about it. Electricity heats and cools our homes, cooks our food, cleans our clothes, heats our water and keeps our lights on. It powers computers, TVs, smartphones and the other technologies that are changing the way you connect with the world. It's more than electricity. It's a powerful value in your life - each and every day.

Kill A Watt Monitor

Do you ever wonder how much electricity that old refrigerator in your garage consumes? Or the plug-in electric space heater you are using? You might be surprised how the cost of appliances and gadgets found in our homes can add up on an energy bill each month.  A Kill-A-Watt monitor is a great way for members to see how much energy an appliance is consuming in their homes.  BEC members can check out a Kill-A-Watt monitor at our office at no charge to find out how little changes can add up to great savings.

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