Beltrami Electric is pleased to be able to offer a meeting room for public use.  For more information click on the Community Room Handbook button or call our office at (218) 444-2540 or (800) 955-6083.

Careful observance of the following guidelines will allow Beltrami Electric Cooperative to provide the use of the Community Room for the public. However, any abuses will be noted and the accommodation could be discontinued immediately. We reserve the right to modify these guidelines as needed.

Community Room Reservation Guidelines

Rental rate: $50.00

  • Payment for rental is due prior to use unless the organization uses a purchase order system.
  • Checks are payable to Beltrami Electric Cooperative. Credit cards are also accepted at the front desk.

Room Capacity: 70 persons

* This is a maximum. (Events held during the cooperative's normal business hours may need to limit the attendance of their groups to prevent disruption of business operations.)  

  • The Community Room is available daily from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • BEC reserves the right to first option for the Community Room.  
  • BEC Reserves the right to refuse the use of the Community Room to any person or organization. 
  • Reservations will be accepted no further than 120 days in advance.

The following equipment is available:

  • Projector/screen
  • Microphones
  • Flip chart
  • White board
  • Internet access/WIFI
  • Podium
  • Portable coat rack

 Other equipment, including computer/laptop is the responsibility of the group.

Your rental of the room includes access to its kitchen, multimedia presentation equipment, seating, tables, etc. 

  • Kitchen equipment includes electric range, microwave, refrigerator/freezer, coffee maker, dishwasher, utensils, coffee cups, carafes, etc. Styrofoam cups and napkins are also provided.
  • Coffee is in the drawers beneath the coffee maker. The coffee maker is connected directly to a water source and doesn’t require any additional water to be added.
  • Chairs and tables are provided, and some may be stored in the closet with the double doors.  There are only 68 chairs available in the room. Note: It is the group’s responsibility to setup the chairs and/or tables to your needs.
  • Public restrooms are located just outside the entrance to the Community Room. Handicap accessible doors are at the front entrance but may require assistance after hours when the outside doors are locked.

Set up and clean up are the responsibility of your group. There is a check list for clean up on the wall by the main door. There is a vacuum cleaner and broom in the closet and cleaning supplies beneath the kitchen sink.

Garbage: During the work week BEC will take care of garbage removal; on the weekends those that have significant garbage are asked to dispose of it.

Please help us keep the room in tip-top condition for all groups that gather in this space.

Groups using the community room after regular business hours will need to assign a representative to be responsible for picking up and returning the key to Beltrami Electric. The Community Room key shall be picked up from Beltrami Electric during normal business hours prior to room use. No arrangements will be made to pick up keys outside of normal business hours. Following the event, the key shall be placed in the drop box inside the front entrance.

Should you need to cancel your event, please notify Beltrami Electric Cooperative at  218-444-2540 or 1-800-955-6083.  


View of community room



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