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To assist in the conservation of electricity and to help control the increasing cost of providing electric service, the undersigned Member and Beltrami Electric Cooperative, Inc. (BEC) agrees to the following:

  1. A load management control device, including all related wiring relays and other related devices, may be installed, operated, and maintained to control designated loads in the structure(s) located at the described location.

  2. The Cooperative will furnish a meter and load management control. The member will be responsible for installation of said equipment and any associated equipment. If the installation is in a home or any building that is removed from BEC's service area, the owner agrees to remove and return the load management control device to the Cooperative.

  3. The member understands that the device will permit the control of electricity by switching off connected loads. The member will receive a special load management (off-peak) rate in return for allowing the load management equipment to control certain circuits on the premises during periods of load management. 

  4. The load management control device shall remain the property of BEC and can be removed at the Cooperative's discretion without liability. BEC personnel are authorized to enter the member's premises at reasonable times upon proper identification to install, connect, maintain, relocate, repair, or remove the load management device. 

  5. In the case of dual furnaces or any alternate sources of heating equipment being retired or disconnected, it is the member's responsibility to ensure that the alternate source of heat is adequate and utilized during periods of control. If this requirement is not met, BEC is not to be held liable for any loss that may occur due to malfunction of the load management equipment or if the power is interrupted for a long enough period to cause some economic loss. The member represents that they are the owner of the location indicated on this form.

It shall be the sole responsibility of the member/owner to advise subsequent occupants of the described premises of this agreement. 

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Note!  In order to receive the off-peak rate, you must contact Beltrami Electric to schedule an inspection of the completed installation. Failure to schedule an inspection will result in electric use being billed at the regular service rate.